Tent Rentals
Call Omar the Tent Man at (732) 920-2222 for answers to all your questions

Our tents are free-standing frame tents with no center poles, SIDES ARE INCLUDED in the price and can easily be hung or removed. Price INCLUDES delivery, installation, and take down of the tent.

We have a variety of sizes to fit a variety of needs. We also will come to measure your yard to make sure you have the correct size, no extra charge.

Because parties vary in size, we have a tent size to fit your occasion. The following are some popular party tent rental sizes.

 They are listed with the maximum number of people they will hold. If you are planning to have other things under the tent such as a buffet, a DJ, or a bar, then you will not be able to fit as many people.

A 16 x 16 tent will seat
between 24 and 32 people

A 20 x 20 tent will seat
between 40 and 50 people

A 20 x 30 tent will seat
approximately 64 people

A 30 x 30 tent will seat
a maximum of 90 people

A 30 x 60 tent will seat
a maximum of 180 people

Dress up a tent by adding your own curtains 
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