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Table Rentals
We have two types of rental tables: Banquets and Rounds.

Banquet tables come in two sizes: 8 feet and 6 feet
  • The 8 foot banquets are 30" x 96" and will seat 8-10
  • The 6 foot banquets are 30" x 72" and will seat 6-8

The round tables comes in three sizes: 60", 48", and 30"
  • The 60" round will seat 8-10
  • The 48" will seat 6-8
  • The 30" round is considered a cocktail table

Chair Rentals
Our basic rental chair is a Samsonite folding chair which has a molded plastic seat and metal legs. We have both white and brown chairs.

For a more formal look, we have white wooden padded chairs.

Other Items Available
  • Lighting
  • Dance floors
  • Linen-white only
  • Bars
  • Podium
  • Grill-charcoal
  • Stage
  • Coolers
Add lights for an evening party.

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30 inch round table.  Use either as a stand-up cocktail table or lower as a sweetheart/cocktail table.
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